Chinese mobiles in EU

май 05, 2018

Chinese cellphones provide great value for money, though many of them are not officialy sold in EU. That means, VAT on import, long deliveries and complicated warranty. Or... does it?

Chinese phones often have chinese warranty, and the sellers are willing to exchange the faulty phone, but you need to pay the postage, which might get quite expensive (two ways, tracking, insurance, etc). On the other hand, you might just let some local maintenance guys do the job and order spare parts on aliexpress! Or just buy a new phone instead.

Now, on delivery and VAT. First, some Chinese brands actually have official (or semi-official) stores somewhere on Amazon, like Oukitel and Doogee and some are just sold by some small European dealers, like Cubot and Ulefone also on Amazon.

Then, some large Chinese online stores like GearBest and VolumeRate have European warehouses. They usually have limited stock but delivery is fast, VAT is already paid and probably warranty will also be simpler. Though, prices usually differ between those and Chinese stores, so keep your eyes peeled!

Now, third (and most impressive by my books) option: some AliExpress sellers have special DHL delivery option which allows them to smuggle somehow the phone into EU and then send it to the buyer with no VAT applied. These sellers are:

Though, it would be a good idea to compare resulting price with "pure" Chinese price + VAT, it might be a better deal, especially with phones under 200 Euro.